Rainy day study tips

Wednesday, 25 May 2016
Over the last week, Wellington has transitioned into full-blown winter. There are lots of things I love about winter, it gives me an excuse to drink lots of tea and wrap up in big coats and scarves. But one think I'm not so keen on is rain. Unfortunately along with the drop in temperature, there has come a lot of rain. So when I fell asleep to thunder and lightning and woke up to yet more rain, I decided to take the opportunity for a study date with my bed. Here are some rainy day study tips to get you through the horrible weather.

+ Pyjamas 
If you are staying at home, why not make yourself comfy? Cosy pyjamas and big jumpers are an essential to fully embrace study in bed.

+ Hot Water Bottle 
When your student flat is colder than outside, you're going to need a little extra heat. Hot water bottles or wheat bags are a perfect way to warm yourself up.

+ Hot Drink
Choose your favourite beverage, tea, coffee, hot chocolate? Peppermint is my favourite study tea. I always find that a steaming drink wakes up my mind and puts me in the mood to study.<br />

+ Blankets, blankets and more blankets.
You can never have too many. I definitely can't study if I'm cold and blankets are one easy way to snuggle up and get all warm and cosy.

+ Get Productive! 
One definite way to wash away those winter blues is to accomplish something! Starting that assignment now means you won't be feeling guilty when you 'accidentally' watch 3 episodes of Game of Thrones' with the flatties later.

Hope you enjoyed your study date!

Love, Beth xx