Food Diaries | Part One: An Introduction

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Food has a leading role in my life, as I am sure it does for almost every person in the world. For everyone its role will be slightly different, I have IBS and attempt to follow a low-FODMAP diet so that I don’t feel gross all the time. Although most people do not follow a diet like mine, attempting to retain some sort of control over how, when and what you consume is something everyone faces. Even without following a specific diet it's always a struggle to ensure that you don’t eat too much or too little and that you attempt to eat the right sorts of foods. I love food, but it also causes me a lot of stress.

There are definitely some weeks that I ignore my diet and just eat whatever I want. These weeks I end up feeling pretty shitty physically. However, what sometimes feels worse than the symptoms I get from food is the struggle of starting up the diet again. The process of following a diet, regardless of what kind, is something that I thought would be interesting and relatable to read about. Writing about it might make it a little easier for me to keep on track! The last couple of weeks I have been pretty relaxed about what I've been eating and its starting to have an effect on me. I need to take a bit more control over what I am eating so this seems a perfect time to write this post. 

Hope you enjoy.
Beth xo