Queenstown | A photo diary

Tuesday, 10 January 2017
On Christmas eve my family and I hopped in the car and drove for 6 hours through the middle of the south island past mountains, fields and incredible quantities of lupins. Although the car trip was brutal and we were all tired and grumpy, when we finally arrived you could not help but think ‘damn, this place is beautiful.’ So obviously I took photos.

We stay in a tiny little wooden batch that we call ‘the crib’ further around the lake from Queenstown. Its a little drive into Queenstown but if you have an hour to spare and some comfy shoes there is a lakeside track that takes you all the way into the town centre. We were there during the days between Xmas and New Years when time ceases to exist and all the days roll into one and one of those nameless days we decided to go for a stroll. It was also the perfect opportunity to take an extraordinarily large number of photos.

I love the feeling of freedom you get in the holidays when you leave the house wearing whatever you feel like, no make up, messy hair and maybe even no bra. I thought that seeing as it is still the holidays I would extend that sense of freedom to the blog post and leave the photos unedited. So, today my photos are going braless. Maybe its because I’m too lazy to edit them, or maybe Queenstown is so damn gorgeous that it doesn’t need perfect lighting. Either way it is still pretty amazing how much you can capture with just a camera. For all of these photos I used my Canon 600d and a combination of the kit lens and my 50mm lens.

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Here's a picture of my dog because he is far more photogenic than any person I know.