Thoughts for the new year

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Some years I let the first of January roll around with little thought. Thinking of it as only as an opportunity to have a wonderfully tipsy evening with my friends. However, this year I have decided to take the opportunity to make a few goals. Here they are.

+ Take care of myself
Wellbeing is something that I aim to make a priority in my life. A lot of the time I do, however, I tend to push it to the side when I get busy or stressed. I want to try to prioritise putting good things into my body, sleeping well and moving. I also want to take care of my mental health. Something I have tested out a little bit this year is journalling. It's something I found a little bit weird at first but once I got used to it I found it an amazing way to process things. I am going to try and do this a little bit more in 2017!

+ Budget
I am not too bad at budgeting but I do find that sometimes I end up spending money on silly things that I really don't need such as food. Having savings makes me feel safe and secure and therefore I want to try to be mindful in my spending so that I can build them up. I also get a great sense of accomplishment when I reach a savings goal. I'm currently lucky enough that I don't need to worry about money too much which makes now the perfect time to form good habits.

+ Create for the sake of creating
I am a design student, I create things every day for uni. I love my degree but sometimes having to do something stops you from fully enjoying it. I want to create more things 'just because'. EM Designs is the perfect place to put all of these things as it gives me a purpose for creating things that don't need to be created.

+ Set Goals
I want to set more goals so that I recognise when I have achieved something. I feel as though I spend so much time thinking about all the things I need to do that I forget to celebrate what I have done! Setting lots of little goals means I have lots of opportunities to celebrate the little things.

Thank you for reading.
Beth xo