Food Bloggers I love

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Four of my favourite food bloggers, IBS, low fod-map and healthy eating.

As I am writing this I’m having a bit of an IBS flare up. I am usually really good at managing my symptoms through diet and exercise but I have been super relaxed the last few weeks and I am definitely paying the price! Sometimes it’s a little difficult to stay inspired and on track when my diet seems so restrictive. I do end up eating a lot of the same meals so It is really important to get inspired and excited about food again! Food bloggers and recipe books are definitely something that help me. These are four of my favourites, hope you enjoy!

She Can’t Eat What!?
She can’t eat what!? is a 100% FODMAP friendly food blog. I love this because it makes scrolling through all of the yummy food photography way more fun because I can actually eat all of the recipes! This is something that doesn’t happens very often. The blog is run by Emma Hatcher, the blog, her style of writing and photography are super refreshing as haven’t found many low-FODMAP blogs that aren’t run by people twice my age or medical professionals! She makes recipes about a medical diet just as enjoyable to read as any other food blog. This is so important for me when I’m feeling a bit restricted and uninspired. At the start of this year she published a book filled with all of her recipes. I bought the book as soon as it came out and I am loving it.

Deliciously Ella
Deliciously Ella was probably the first food blogger I really got into. Her recipes are super simple and easy to follow. Being an incredibly lazy cook, I love that she uses measurements like ‘a mug full of flour’ and ‘a tin of chickpeas’. All of her recipes are plant based, vegan and gluten free making most of them easy to adapt to be Low-FODMAP if you need to! Another thing I love is that none of her recipes use onions (a food that is super high in FODMAP’s). I was first introduced to Deliciously Ella through her cook book a few years ago. She now has three, and each of her books are filled with gorgeous images and yummy recipes. The only problem I have had is that occasionally some of her ingredients are a little harder to find in New Zealand and can be somewhat pricy, but with a little googling you can usually find a cheaper alternative.

Madeline Shaw
Madeline shaw is a more holistic wellbeing food blogger. She also suffers with IBS but combats it in a very different way to the Low-FODMAP route.  Her philosophy is a more holistic approach involving exercise, meditation and nutrition. She eats a little of everything in moderation including dairy, meat, gluten etc. I would love to follow a lifestyle like this in the future, however it is a little far fetched on a student workload and budget! I haven’t followed many of her recipes (although I am dying to purchase her recipe book). I really enjoy following Madeline on social media and youtube. She makes breaks down leading a balanced lifestyle into small achievable steps and even though I don’t manage to keep up with the majority of them I am still inspired to do a little more.
A little bit yummy
This is another Low-FODMAP, IBS blog. This one is a lot more medical and it has heaps of information. There are so many resources including articles by nutritionists, recipes and lifestyle posts about everything about IBS. What I also love about this blog is that Alana is from New Zealand. I love reading blogs from all over the world but sometimes some products and ingredients are unavailable in New Zealand. There are heaps of recipes on the website but I especially like the articles about different methods to manage IBS and new medical research.