SAN FRAN | Photo Diary

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

After a surprisingly painless 10 hour flight from we touched down in San Fransisco, stop one of our winter adventure. My first thought as we drove from the airport towards the city was that felt a little like a much larger Wellington, with hundreds of colourful houses settled in the hills.

We stayed a 15 minute stroll away from Fisherman’s Warf which was definitely the most touristy area. It had a tastefully tacky retro vibe with lots of flashing lights and retro inspired shop fronts. One of my favourite places on Fisherman’s Warf Boudin Bakery. It was an exclusively sourdough bakery with bread in all different shapes and sizes from baguettes to Christmas trees and teddy bears. They also served San Fransisco’s local delicacy appeared to be seafood chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl (I didn’t try this one).

Right beside Fisherman’s Warf is Pier 39 which is home to San Fransisco’s very impressive sea lion community. There are hundreds and the all congregate on a floating pontoon in the harbour. They also command an equally large audience of tourists watching them as they sleep and swim and make lots of loud noises.

A boat cruise around the harbour and cycling the Golden Gate Bridge were probably my highlights of the trip. As San Fransisco is build around the bay it is an especially beautiful city to see from the water. On the bike ride there are amazing views of the Golden gate bridge on the trail leading up the start of the bridge. We started our bike ride just as the sun was beginning to set and the lighting was amazing, however it did mean that we were left trying to find Sausalito (where you get the ferry back on the other side) in the dark.

Another must do in San Fransisco is walking up the famous Zig Zag Street. It is an insanely steep section of Lombard Road. It steps on either side and a the road has a series of sharp corners as it zig zags up the hillside. At the top you get an amazing view of the city and many photo opportunities so it is 100% worth the puffing.

I loved San Fransisco and I can not wait to go back.

Thank you for reading x