4 days in New York

Sunday, 4 March 2018

4 days in New York.

We touched down in New York on Sunday evening. It seemed almost unreal walking through the icy streets of New York up to Time Square. Time Square is one of those places that you can never truly imagine. The scale was insane. The crowds of people and metres of animated billboards were unlike anything I have ever seen. I wouldn’t say it was my favourite place in New York, but you definitely can’t go to New York without seeing it.


After a dinner of mac ’n’ cheese and a much needed night’s sleep, we woke up to our first full day in New York. I experienced my first American diner breakfast of Waffles accompanied with copious amounts of syrup served on a paper plate and set off for a day filled with New York ‘must see's’. We grabbed a New York pass, which gave us entry to our choice of five New York attractions (we got to skip some lines which were definitely a plus).

Our New York wandering took us back through time square, past the Rockefeller Centre and its very impressive Christmas tree, along Fifth Avenue and then finally up the Empire state building. Even though the weather was a little foggy, the views from the top were amazing. It’s hard to imagine quite how big Manhattan really is, but standing on the top of the Empire state building the size really does hit you.

Our first day was filled with so many sights. We even managed to fit in a quick walk across the Brooklyn bridge at sunset.


After our second diner breakfast (this time of French toast) we walked from our hotel on 8th and 35th to the Museum of Modern Art. This was one of the highlights for me. I have spent the last 4 years writing essays about some of the artwork that lives in MOMA. There was something very special about finally seeing some of those artworks in real life. Projectors and laptop screens cannot do a two-metre painting justice.

Some of my favourites were Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, one of Jackson Pollock’s five-metre masterpieces, Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Mattise’s Dance I, Boccioni, Kandinsky and the list goes on…

Our afternoon was spent on a boat cruise around the Hudson River. We hopped on at 3 pm and spent a couple of hours cruising down the river listening to some suitably cheesy commentary. The timing was perfect. The sun began setting whilst we were on the water and the island lit up with twinkly lights.


On Wednesday we took the train out to Washington DC (but that is another blog post for another day) so Thursday was our third day in the city. This was the coldest day, it was sunny but bitter cold in the shade and the average temperature was around one or two degrees. We hired bikes and set off for an icy cycle around Central Park. Central Park, like everything in New York, was so much bigger than I expected. The bike path went up and down hills, past a lake, grassy areas trees. Even in the middle of winter, it was beautiful. For the first time since we arrived, the craziness of the city was gone.

In the evening I had my first experience of true New York Pizza. It was definitely an experience. The slices where the size of a whole pizza and oil dripped off the slice onto the paper plate as you ate. It was fantastic.


Our final day in New York was spent walking the High Line then carrying on through Tribeca and on to the World Trade Centre. The High Line is an elevated railway track that was converted into a walkway and garden. It leads from west 34th street towards the west village. Elevated just above street level, it’s a unique viewpoint of the city and makes for some great photo opportunities.

On Saturday we flew out of New York onto the next leg of our trip. Before we left we did manage a quick wander around Grand Central. Which is definitely just as impressive as the movies.

Before we arrived New York was not the top of my must-see list (I am definitely a Europe gal at heart) but I definitely fell in love. The madness of its busy streets and crazy traffic was unlike anything I have ever seen. The pedestrians were a force not to be messed with - there was a police officer whose job was to just to enforce the use the traffic lights. New York is a beautiful and completely unique city and I feel so lucky to have been able to spend some time there.

I hope you enjoyed this new and slightly more creative format! I've been using some of my photos to inspire a few creative projects.